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Busy, Busy, Busy

September 8, 2011


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Summer Winding Down, Work Accelerates

Greetings from busy Bippus, Dear Reader.  We may still be under drought conditions, but the garden vegetables are working overtime to secure their place in history before autumn closes them down.  That is, the vegetables are trying to produce enough seed to promulgate, and the cooler evening temperatures are encouraging them.

Me? Cool evenings spur me on to, um, the desire for greater amounts of sleep.  But yesterday, Dear Wifey asked if I wanted to help her pick some tomaters, and I said yes, and off we went picking.  And we harvested a nice bushel basket full of the jumbo ones, and a smaller basket of the smaller ones that are so good in a salad.  So I carried them into the kitchen, and she started boiling some water for the skinning process.  And then (Wifey’s plan) we were going to can some tomaters.

Busy, busy

Old Uncle Milton’s plan was to put some of that new weed wacker string on the weed whacker, and do a lot of clean up in the orchard.  But first was the exterior of the chicken pen, which hadn’t been *wacked* for months, and the weeds were as tall as the four foot fence.  Then a trip around the blackberries, around the raspberries, and around the fruit trees.

About this time, the littlest sweetie shows up in the orchard.  She tells me that I am supposed to be helping to can tomatoes in the kitchen with her Mommy.  The littlest sweetie then *volunteered* to help me out, and learned the meaning of the word *surrogate*;  littlest sweetie was to become my surrogate.   “What is a surrogate”, she asked.  That is one who stands in for another, filling in to fulfill the obligations, and enjoy all the rewards that go with the deal.   “Just go to the kitchen and do everything your Mother asks you to do” …I explained.

And after the Orchard was cleaned up nice…

The sun was getting dangerously close to the western horizon, and I cleaned out a path around the stack of branches that Junior still (what only a month late?) still has not chopped into fire pit size chunks.  Yes, that pile of branches that Princess ran over with the riding lawn mower a few weeks back.  THAT pile of limbs.  And then there was the back of the main garden.

Where there used to be an asparagus patch.  It used to be back in there, somewhere.  But now, there is ragweed taller than I am, and lambs quarter nearly as tall, and yes, oh yes, there still is some asparagus back in there.  So I got in there, and whacked my way in, between the asparagus, and the sweet corn.  And I kept on weed whacking, cutting like Jungle Jim through the African Bush, making a path to separate the veggies from the jungle beyond.

And then it was dark.

Which meant I had to go into the house.

Wifey’s House.  And guess what?  There was more to do. More tomatoes to peel.  More jars to pack.  Lemon juice to be measured.  And butternut squash that needed to be buttered, and sprinkled (Hah! who am I kidding? Not my dear readers!) slathered with brown sugar.  Somehow we managed to skip dinner, but dear Wifey tossed the first butternut squash of the season into the oven, so we had a snack to enjoy while we waited for the timer on the jars in the hot water bath canner.

So we were busy. And we got busy with that squash, too.  Oh, and being that rain was forecasted for today, we also picked a bunch of the butternuts, a small bushel of onions that had previously dried in the sun, and a watermelon that called out to me.  The days are getting shorter, but the work required keeps us busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

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