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One Stinkin’ Egg

September 1, 2011

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Broody Hens, Stinkin’ Eggs

The past month or so we have been collecting fewer, and fewer eggs from our laying hens.  We have had a broody hen, or two, and we have let them go, setting on some eggs, and figuring that it would be worth it when (if) they hatched and we got some baby chickens.

So, when we only collected one stinkin’ egg from our flock of nearly twenty hens, we figured it was time to take action.  Really I mean that Junior thought it was time to take action.   So he transferred little Miss Broody and her clutch of eggs into the barn, in the indoor pen with Mama Black Giant and her nine little babies.

So, with no broody hen in the hen house, last night Junior comes in with good news:  six eggs tonight.  HOORAY!  We can all eat eggs again.  And we turned in with visions of scrambled cheese eggs, ommelettes, maybe even green eggs and ham.  Who knows?

So, Fast Forward to Breakfast Time

Nobody else wanted eggs.  I prepared myself a nice hunk of Bob Evans breakfast sausage, and it was pressed thin, and browned nicely.  Crack!  In goes egg number one, and it is a little bit , umm, liquidy, I guess, but it is early and I am not fully awake and so …Crack!

In goes el numero dos,  and it is one stinky, nasty brown developed baby chick, and it STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.

Egads!  Get that sucker out of the pan before it ruins my breakfast sausage!!!  Holy crap did it ever STINK!  Peeee-you.  Bad.

Apparently when Junior cleaned up Miss Broody Hen’s little nest, he left one or two of her *future babies* under the straw.  Then when he collected eggs the next day, he found them, and included them in the days *catch*.

So this morning’s breakfast was a deal where I cracked one egg at a time, into a bowl, then poured it into the fry pan, then cracked the next, and etc.  And for the near short term we will be candling all the eggs, before they are eaten.

By shining a flashlight through the eggs, one can determine if they have started to grow.

And trust me on this, if there is ANY DOUBT, then candling iis totally worth it.

No more stinkin’ eggs.

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  1. September 1, 2011 1:36 am

    LOL! One thing my Sainted Mother drummed into my head was to always crack each egg into a separate bowl or measuring cup in case they were bad. I think it was because at that time we got our eggs from a local farm and well, every once in a while…

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