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Fun With Waterfowl

August 31, 2011

Ducks and Geese Are Just Too Cool

A white goose in the spruce

Our ducks and geese are let out of their pen every morning to range around, and have fun.  Unlike the chickens, they pretty much leave the vegetables in the garden alone.  They like to hang out with their buddies from youth, the turkeys in the pavo tractor.  We keep a laundry tub full of water under one of the fruit trees, and they use it to bath and drink.  When the water gets dirty, it is dumped as a source of fertilizer for the tree, and then moved to the next fruit tree.  (These birds like to do their business while swimming, go figure.)

White goose leading the pack

The geese are very vocal when they sense the presence of *an intruder*;  we humans that live here are intruders, same goes for visitors, both human and animal.  When the geese get to honking, the ducks get to quacking.  They make quite a racket.

White African Goose, Black Cayuga, Toulouse Goose, White Pekin

This White African Goose is the most sociable.  She is usually the one that comes up the closest to us, while gently making some honky-sounds.  It seems she wants us to provide her with snack foods.  If we oblige her, the other goose and the ducks will join her.

The grey goose, heading away

The grey goose is the nervous one.  He is first to sound the alarm, and his voice is the loudest.  He usually leads the group away from trouble, most of the time he thinks us humans are trouble, and he forges the exit path, honking noisily.

Mr. Toulouse has a nice black stripe on his neck and handsome wing tips

Being *garden friendly* they are free to go where they will.  Geese are alleged to graze weeds from the area.  With only two geese, there is never a shortage for them.

Toulouse Goose Grazing

Everyone here enjoys the antics of the ducks and geese.  The sounds they make are pleasant, the way they waddle is entertaining, and any weeding that they do is graciously accepted.  Ducks and geese are fun to have around.

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  1. August 31, 2011 11:45 am

    I guess they don’t wander too far away? They are kind of cute!

    • Uncle Milton permalink*
      August 31, 2011 11:51 am

      They stay pretty close. Right now (this season) we are bounded north and south by field corn, and to the west by prairie grass, since I was too busy to plant a field crop. So the waterfowl have never (by my observation) ventured intot he grass or the field corn. They do not like tall crops, and the loss of field of view. Thank goodness they do not like the road. (-:

      Best Regards, Uncle Milton

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