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Just Another Day of Canning Green Beans

August 30, 2011

Well, EXCEPT for the SCREAMING!!!

Okay Dear Reader, I was preparing to bring some cool refreshing drinks out to the back patio for the troops, when I hear hysterical screaming from outside.  Fearing for the safety of Wifey and the kids, I quickly made my way out there.

“AHHHH!  O.M.G.!!!  It hissed at me!!!  It  *TOUCHED* me!   AAAARRRRGH!!!”

In between of her duties of washing and snapping the green beans, Dear Wifey had gone over to empty the skimmer basket on the pool.

And what did she find, that would make her scream like a banshee?

Cute Little Bat that was clinging to the pool wall

Somehow a cute little baby bat had gotten into the pool, and nearly been sucked into the skimmer basket.  As Dear Wifey had reached down to pull the skimmer basket out, her hand brushed up against cute little baby bat, and cute little baby bat hissed at her in self defense.  And THAT started a severe screaming fit.

Now, Old Uncle Milton has to Admit:

When he went over to see what was all the rage, he didn’t want to reach right in there and rescue the furry brown and drenched flying mammal.  (Did you get a look at those teeth?)  Now you might not know that bats have a little *claw* on their *elbow* that they use to cling to things.  And this little sucker was clinging!   Uncle Milton DID want to warm the little sucker up, as it appeared that he had been in the drink for a while.  It was rather much reminiscent of  Chick-Duck after his first (and only swim).

Baby Bat on top of a five gallon bucket lid

In the photo above, taken immediately after being removed from the pool, we wondered if the little sucker would make it.  So we carefully *transferred* the little bat to the tree trunk adjacent to the patio where we were processing green beans.  And what did the little bat do?

The little bat started climbing.

Pool soaked baby bat, released to a tree

Higher and higher and further up the tree trunk he went.

Enough swimming for today!

Up to the point where he was in the sun.  And then, with an awkward flip, he hung himself  (upside down, of course) hung himself up to dry.

And then the canning procedure could continue

And as you can see, we still had plenty of green beans to wash, and snap and prepare for the winter.  The baby bat had a good viewing spot to watch us with our work.

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  1. August 30, 2011 12:50 pm

    We have to be careful of bats around here because a few have been found to be rabid.

    You sure have a lot of nice looking beans.

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