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Bipartisan Cooperation

August 8, 2011

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Uncompromising on Liberty

You ever watch the tee-wee news, and hear some public servant standing up there, telling us all how it is necessary to have bipartisan cooperation?  How we need to be reasonable, how it is necessary to compromise?  These goofs, who just went out and mortgaged the future to the tune of 3.4 trillion federal reserve notes, telling their masters why it is necessary to *reach across the aisle* to get something done?

Well, I for one, am sick of it.  I say it is time to be uncompromising on liberty.  Let’s have some lack of progress.  Let’s agree that we don’t want to get something done.  Let’s tell our public servants that we don’t want no more of what youthey have to offer.  We do not want the idjits in warshington to pass anything.  Unless it is a bill to remove their past work, we don’t want it.  

Just stay there in your chambers, and argue; that is what I want from my representatives in warshington.  Fight like men.  NO compromises.  No cooperation.  No new laws.  No new taxes.  Just good old fashioned animosity.  Maybe a duel from time to time.

Perhaps a weekly cage match.  Entertain us without destroying our liberty.  Make us smile, without stealing our stuff.

If you can’t cut spending, then just argue about it for a few decades.  I call for an end to all bipartisan cooperation.   Start giving me my money’s worth, congresscritters.


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