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Is the TEA Party being *Rolled*?

August 5, 2011


Image by SS&SS via Flickr

Does the *Debt Deal*  guarantee bankruptcy?

So by now, hopefully, you read the We the Stupid  article by Ann Barnhardt and you are mulling it over. She make the allegation that our congresscritters wrote a blank check to the Obama administration for like 3.4 trillion denaros. She claims the Obama administration will spend all 3.4 trillion, in the next 16 months.  She claims there are no, err, umm, I mean NO spending cuts in this bullshit bill (now law).

She says it guarantees that the government will go bankrupt.  It is an interesting idea, isn’t it?

Do You Agree?

Are we Americans stupid?  That is the title.  We the Stupid.  Or is she right?  We voted all these suckers into office, and they don’t want to anger anyone, like the recipients of our taxable largesse, so they pass the cost on to kids in the future.  They raise the debt ceiling three point four trillion dollars “so we don’t have to do this again”.  Three point four million million dollars.  More money than the SUM  of the total gross national product of Canada PLUS Russia.  And we will just keep smiling and be happy as that frickin socialist in the White House spends it all in sixteen months?

Are WE, the Stupid?

Or are we just frickin CRAZY?  And what kind of IDIOTS did we elect to represent us?  Stupid, crazy or delirious?  And what is a non-stupid, non-crazy and non-delirious American to do?  Are there any of those?

I would like to think so.  But is there even an answer?  What do you think?

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  1. August 5, 2011 8:54 am

    Of course there are no cuts. They used baseline budgeting so they only cut the amount of projected spending increases. Nothing off the actual budget. Smoke and mirrors. I never had a chance to look at the actual votes. How many TEA partiers in the House signed on to this stupid deal? Oh and I didn’t vote for any of these jokers…my guys lost.

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