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The Cost of Living

August 2, 2011

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Does the Cost of Living EVER Go Down?

Over the weekend we harvested some cabbage, onion and green peppers and made up a big old batch of cole slaw.  I used one carrot from the refrigerator, which means in jargon-speak that it came from the store (yuk) but the carrots in the garden just were not ready yet.  The recipe called for vegetable oil, white vinegar and white sugar. 

As I was getting the sugar, I needed one cup,I had to resupply the tupperware container where the stash is, and so I opened a new bag.  Feeling that something was amiss, and looking over the bag, I saw that it was a four pound bag.  Now is it just me, or are four pound bags of sugar something new?  Or is this the way the manufacturer avoids an increase in the cost of a bag of sugar?  It seems to me sugar always came in five pound bags, since before I was a little baby, riding around in the cart with my Mother at the grocery store.

Have  you noticed anything like that in your shopping?

While I was thinking about the cost of the sucre’, and the oil and the vinegar, I heard this song by Ronnie Dunn. In particular, the line about “Three dollars and change at the pump, the cost of livin’s high, and going up” really hit home. And how much would one have to pay for five pounds of cole slaw already made up and ready to eat?

Click below and have a listen. And leave your comment below.

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  1. paula permalink
    August 2, 2011 10:26 am

    sugar has always come in 4# bags and flour in 5# bags…just sayin’

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