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When the Cabbage, Onions and Peppers are Ready

August 1, 2011

KFC coleslaw

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What Does a Gardener Do, when those veggies are Ripe?

Well, if one has a cup of sugar, a cup of vegetable oil and a cup of vinegar (and maybe even a carrot) they can put them together to make cold salad (i.e. Cole Slaw).  That is what happened here yesterday.  And homemade cole slaw is a great hot weather meal.

The cabbage, carrot, onions and peppers are sliced and diced into a big bowl.  Color is what drives the quantities, be your own judge.  The sugar, oil and vinegar are combined into another bowl, whisked briefly, and poured over the veggies.  The big bowl is then covered, and placed in the refrigerator.  In a few hours, the contents are stirred, turning the stuff from the bottom onto the top, and working the top stuff down into the liquid.  A little bit of the mix is *sampled*  (wink, wink).  Then back into the fridge.

If you can stand it.

The original recipe says 4 to 6 hours of waiting in the fridge.  But we can usually not wait that long.  It does get better with age, up to about three days.  And as hot as it has been, it IS definitely better being fully chilled.  Try this non-creamy version of “cold salad”, it is an easy, hearty and delicious meal all by itself, or as a complement to most other summer fare.

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  1. August 2, 2011 12:25 pm

    I said last time you posted about this coleslaw that I am going to try it and dang it, I am this season! Sounds so yummy!

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