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Chicken Tractor’s Empty, Freezer’s Full

July 31, 2011

Broiler type Cornish Rock chickens on pasture ...

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Well, EXCEPT for the Turkeys…

Thanks to Number One Son, all the broilers have been removed from the chicken tractor, and processed, and out into the freezer.  The turkeys seem relieved, as they have much more room to stretch out, and they don’t have to compete so aggressively, to get their fair share of food.  Nevertheless, the turkeys just love it when they hear the Ford Tractor fire up, and the *Turkey Tractor* (well, it ain’t right to call it a chicken tractor anymore, is it?) and the Turkey Tractor starts to move.

Those turkeys start walking toward the Ford Tractor as soon as their shelter begins to move.  They just know that fresh pickins lie ahead.  And they begin to graze.  They may only be moving ten or twelve feet, but it is new, fresh pasture to them.  And they love it.

And the Freedom Rangers?

Not so free anymore.  You might recall, dear reader, that the Freedom Ranger breed of broiler chicken was an experiment, as we had only grown Cornish Cross Rock broilers before.  So I will tell you that the Freedom Rangers are a success in my book.  Although they took 3 months to reach full size, whereas the Cornish would have been finished two to three weeks sooner, these birds cleaned up nicely, and I believe had a higher percentage of forage feed than the Cornish.  We just can’t wait to start another batch.  (Just kidding, dear Wifey had said just the opposite – more like -don’t ever buy any more broilers.  Hah! she is such a jokester.)

Actually, as my dear Wifey and I talked over breakfast this morning, she was telling me that she was anxious to have the turkeys processed.  They have waaaaaaay more growing to do yet, but after using the turkey fryer to prepare yesterday’s supper, she was looking ahead to some deep fried turkey.

And that is what I love about her.  Always looking ahead.

No word from dear Wifey about the all-season outdoor farm dog (yet), but that is in the works.  After all, we can’t leave the Jack Russell out all night to protect the ducks and geese when the deep freeze of winter is upon us, now can we?


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