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Freedom, In Our Time

July 28, 2011

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Will Freedom even exist in our Children’s Time?

There were some atrocious killings in Norway this past week, and Old Uncle Milton was out surfing the intarw3bs, reading about it, and came to the excellent “Freedom in our Time” blog, written by William Norman Grigg.  He used to write for the New American magazine, but Grigg’s unwavering principled views, which I love, did not endear him to the management there.  Grigg’s lesson to be learned from the recent events in Norway are Never to trust a man in uniform 

He points out that the accused gunman wore a policeman’s uniform, and that helped him in his quest to kill.  You should really visit Grigg’s Pro Libertate site, and snoop around, because he points out that atrocities are occurring right here in our country.  Atrocities committed by public servants; yes, those charged with the responsibility to *Protect, and Serve* us, are in fact abusing their power, and even killing the citizens.

While NOT Trusting anyone in Uniform…

William Grigg frequently refers to those of us who do not wear a government issued costume, badge and carry a government issued firearm, he refers to us as mere mudanes.  Funny, I have never thought of myself, or of my dear readers, as mere mundanes, but alas.  But in the event that we are interacting with a badged, costumed individual how is it that we (a supposed FREE PEOPLE)  how is it that we act?   Do we act like free men?  Or do we act like “mere mundanes”?

An Example- A Traffic Stop

As an example, let’s put a free man, like today’s version of George Washington behind the wheel of a car.  George sees flashing lights behind him and he courteously pulls to the side  of the road.  The car with the flashing lights pulls in behind him, at a curious angle that blocks part of the travel lane.

A costumed individual, with a sidearm, a funny hat, sunglasses and A BADGE approaches the driver’s side window and says “Driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance please”.  How would a free man, like George respond?  Now I have been taught that the Father of our Country was quite a charmer, (especially with the ladies) so perhaps he might inquire- “Have I inconvenienced you?”  Surely, the free man has a right to travel, and his travel is now being interrupted by the dude with the flashing lights, but perhaps George interfered with that dude’s right to travel, and if so, he wants to make things right, and be on his way.

I can imagine this would toss old jack boots for a loop.  “Just how fast do you think you were going back there, Buddy?” the public servant might ask. To which a horse riding general might reply- “Have I harmed you or your property in some way?” while thinking that Martha sure is going to be pissed off when he arrives late for dinner again.  Now our costumed, armed public servant is probably getting irritated as well.  “Look” he might say, “just get out of the car”.  To which the general, unaccustomed to being treated as a mundane might ask “Do you have some form of identification, to assure ME that you are a sworn in enforcer of the law?”  Actually two forms of identification, the second to corroborate the first?  And although great-great-great-grandad George may have had to have his grandkids show him how to operate a videocamera, or a cell phone that can videotape, about right now he is probably turning that on and collecting his own set of data from this experience.  After all, if the alleged public servant is not doing anything wrong, he doesn’t have anything to fear, does he?

And Not ONLY That, but…

If George has been properly schooled in What to say when talking to the cops  then it is about this time that he starts clamming up, and repeating his mantra- I don’t have anything to say.  If I have done something wrong please tell me.  I don’t have anything to say.  If I have not done anything wrong I would like to be on my way.  I have nothing to say.

Of course, in today’s version of “Free America” that could get you killed.  And if that is how *Freedom* is today, what will it be like for your children, and grandchildren.  Will they *live* to be even more sheeplike mundanes?  Or will they learn to behave like free men?

And from whom will they learn?

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  1. representative permalink
    July 28, 2011 7:57 pm

    Another great post. Thx.

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