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A Drought in Bippus?

July 27, 2011

Map of the Wabash River watershed.

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Rain Avoids Bippus, Quenches North and South

Well, not exactly did the rains avoid Bippus, as we did receive one tenth of one inch last Friday, and almost two tenths of one inch the week before that.  But with the temps reaching into the nineties, that was like spit on a hot griddle.  Other areas, like Warren, Indiana and Logansport, Indiana have received their rain, and the crops show it.  And on my travels through the Great Lake state, some of the corn is tasseling.

Why the Rains Avoid Bippus

I may have told my dear readers before, about seeing the rain clouds massing in the west, and then they split and go north and south of us in the Greater Bippus Area.  We kind of sit on the high ground between two river watersheds, and I think our elevation has something to do with it.  We are on that ridge between the Eel and Wabash River watersheds.

No tassles on the corn in our little GBA.  Not yet anyway.  And things may start dying, if the rains do not come soon.

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