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In Between Killing Chickens

July 26, 2011

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How Was the REST of Your Weekend, Milton?

So I shared the part of my weekend where I processed a dozen chickens singlehandedly.  And told my Dear Readers that in between each group of 3 birds that I processed, I took a dip in the pool, and worked on Wifey’s To-Do List.  And all that is true.

What I didn’t tell you is that Wifey is an addict.  She will not be happy that I have gone public with this ugly tidbit, but it is true.  And just the littlest thing can put her over the edge, make her fall off the wagon,  and just go too far.  Ayup, she might just be standing on the deck of the pool, and then suddenly, she just sees an aggregious weed growing in the north garden and WHOOSH!  – – – she is gone out into the greenery, five gallon bucket in tow, and pulling weeds out there.  Feeding her addiction.  Ayup, she is addicted to pulling weeds.  And me too.

Old Uncle Milton Can’t Stand THAT:

So, I go for a quick dip, and see sweety-pie in her bikini out in the north garden pulling weeds, and I just can’t leave THAT alone, so I head on out there and start pulling weeds too.  And between us, we start “cleaning house” and row after row ends up scoured of weeds.  The compost pile grows.  The kid’s chores list diminishes.    One can actually see the carrots, right there in their row.  Things start to look good.  The beets?  Ayup, there they are.  Beauty.  And the row of beets looks good too!

So on Sunday we did get a fair amount of weeding done too.  And things were looking pretty good.  And then Wifey and her kids knocked out a few rows in the west garden.

And then the sun set on our weekend, and the workweek was back upon us.

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  1. Just me permalink
    July 29, 2011 1:11 am

    Must run in your family. Seeing that your mother is a weed picking addict too!

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