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Notes to the Kiddos

July 21, 2011

Okay kiddos, in my absence,

you need to be taking some actions to keep the status quo. First you need to be pulling weeds, every stinkin day. Otherwise they will overrun the place.
Then, keep an eye out for vegeys that have matured. Particularly, the onions may be coming in to their own. If the tops fall over, then the onion must be pulled. Let it dry out on the ground, and roll it over from time to time, to dry the outer layer. As long as there is no rain in the forecast, they may be cured this way.
Then the tops may be braided, and the groups hung in the basement, until use.

Keep an eye out

 for the stinkin bean beetles. They may appear on the fruit trees, berry bushes, or the bean plants. If they show up, they must be sprayed or dusted. Watch out because they will pinch you. Smush them and wipe them out, as they appear. The beans should start into production soon. Watch for the little flowers, and the beans that follow. Once they start coming, they must be picked every three days, or so.

And how is the okra? Again, you must watch for flowers. These fruits are best picked when small. And the zukes? Again, best when picked with the flower still intact. If you are weeding every day (like I would) then you will easily notice these things.

Keep up the good work. We want to eat this stuff in its prime.

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