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Kabuki Theatre in Warshington

July 20, 2011

crisis comes and goes, debt remains

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Or, Congresscritters Singing, Dancing and Screwing Us Over

Anybody notice that the congresscritters are arguing  about raising the debt ceiling?  Do any of my dear readers have any doubt whether the *Ruling Class* bastards in congress will RAISE the debt ceiling?  No? I didn’t think so.

So what they are doing is Kabuki Theatre.  They are singing.  They are dancing.  They are putting on a big performance before they screw us over.  OOPS. let me correct that.  They are putting on a big performance before they screw over our children and our grandchildren, and even those descendants that ain’t even been born yet.  That is what this debt ceiling bullsh*t is all about.

But HERE is where Uncle Milton’s Head is AT:

So, I am reading my e-mail, and my dear cousin “Phillypoo” sends me a link, and it is *Right On*.  The link is HERE .  Author Dan Ferris asks (and answers) the question, what would happen if congresscritters didn’t raise the debt ceiling.  And the answer (surprise, surprise) is nothing but good sh*t.  Well, almost.  Click the link, and find out what author Ferris thinks the benefits of not raising the debt ceiling would be. 

So in Uncle Milton’s head, NOT raising the debt ceiling would cause the layoff of SH*TLOADS of federal bloodsuckers, er, um public servants.  As author Ferris points out, the transfer of loads of non-productive employees from bloodsucker, er, um from taxpayer liabilities to private sector producers.  Wow!  Now there is a concept.  Highly trained specialists moving from being taxpayer liabilities to being profit generating assets to society.  HOT DAMN. (Wait, can I still say that on a blog?)  HOT DAMN.  What a concept.

OK, Milton What are you Saying?

Well, just this:  IF you are somewhat motivated as an activist, perhaps you ought to contact that scurvy public servant otherwise known as a congress-person (Representative and/or Senator) and tell them that you won’t be voting for anyone that supports raising the debt ceiling.  The line on debt HAS to be drawn somewhere, and somewhere is RIGHT HERE.  One of  Old Uncle Milton’s favorite way to contact these schmucks is through DOWNSIZEDC.COM .

But the *stuff* we are seeing on TV is just Kabuki Theatre.  IF enough people make a point of contacting the *public servants*, and the *public servants* respond, CHANGE could really happen.  But don’t hold your breath.


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