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Weekend in Bippus

July 19, 2011

Or, Too Hot to Tango

Hot is what it is.  Hot and dry.  From Friday to Monday, hot, dry very warm at night, and dry; like a desert.  There is plenty that needs to be done around the hobby farm.  There is a distinct shortage of get up and go.  So very little in the scheme of things was actually accomplished.

Evenings were filled with adjusting the sprinkler.  Putting water down on the different areas of the garden.  Hand picked the wheat berries in the raised bed, which took a very long time, and produced very little actual wheat berries.  And they still need to be cleaned.

We butchered a few bunnies.  And another litter were born.  The Freedom Rangers and turkeys are in the chicken tractor, and are being moved on a daily basis, as the soil is “scorched” under them.  Junior hitches up the Ford tractor, and *very carefully* inches the chicken tractor ahead by about ten feet.

And the ducks and geese have been out grazing around behind the barn each day.  The Jack Russell *guard dog* has kept them safe at night, and during the day the gate is opened and they come out and enjoy fresh greens.  The grey goose is a very good guard goose, alerting all his buds when anyone (or anything???) approaches.  He has a unique voice, an entertaining voice.

We got a little weeding done.  Darn little.  And a bit of weed wacking, got done, killing back the ragweed and the lambs quarters, which were up in the 3 to 4 foot height around the perimeter of the north garden.  Now we can actually see the asparagus plants again. 

Most of my time over my weekend in Bippus was spent, uh, lounging in the pool.  UGH.

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  1. July 19, 2011 12:48 pm

    I was wondering how you were making out in this heatwave. Hate to say it, I am dreaming of cold weather!


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