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Where Your Bread Comes From

July 14, 2011

Your Wheat Bread, still on the Stalk

Winter Wheat, ready for harvest, near Bippus, Indiana in July

One of the neighbors wheat fields, above, is waving amber, and about ready for harvest.

"The Remnant", a strip of wheat that was missed by the combine driver.

 Someone’s father, or uncle, or boss will be wondering why the strip of wheat above was not harvested.  The combine driver must avoid distractions while combining; things like mechanical problems, obstructions in the field, even a pretty girl passing by in a truck on a nearby road.

The grain has been removed from this wheat field. the straw remains to be harvested.

In the distance one can see the unharvested grain, where the combine has not yet travelled.  Farmers have been growing a shorter variety of wheat, which produces less straw, and perhaps focuses more attention on growing bigger grain heads.

Wheat berries silhouetted against a blue sky

These wheat berries are laughing at the combine in the background (above) as the driver has missed them.  The combine separates the seed from the chaff, collecting one, and discarding the other.  It is an amazing machine to see in operation but most of the separating process happens *behind closed doors*.

Combine parked adjacent to a grain head trailer

Above a combine is parked adjacent to a grain head trailer, shown on the right.  Usually the grain head is transported to the field separately from the combine, since when the head is on the combine it would take up more than half the road.  A tractor or pickup truck can haul the grain head, on the road, lengthwise and present no hazard to other motorists.  But watch out for those combines with the grain head on!  You might have to drive on the shoulder to pass them.

Many Thanks to Wifey

Most farm families work as a team, with areas of responsibility quite fuzzy.  Harvesting winter wheat in July, or tranferring photos over the intarw3bz from Indiana to Michigan, farm folks get ‘er done.  These photos are the result of D.W. (Dear Wifey) taking care of business back in Bippus, while I live a life of leisure (yeah, right) in Bay City, Michigan.  Thanks, sweetie, for doing what you do.

I KNOW what side of MY bread has the butter on it.

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