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Here’s the Thing

July 11, 2011

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The Power of the Individual

After reading the Maybury book,  Are You Liberal…which I wrote about HERE, old Uncle Milton has been pondering one main concept that Maybury put forward, that is that we all should do what we say we are going to do, and we should not encroach upon others and their property.

We should behave this way, but somehow, we do not expect our elected and hired public servants to behave this way.  We delegate authority to them, and we support them with tax monies and yet somehow we do not hold them accountable to behave as we strive to behave.  This makes absolutely no sense at all.  We delegate authority to have them protect our rights. 

Back to the D. of I.

The Declaration of Independence (yeah, the D. of I.) reminds us that to secure our rights that governments are instituted among men (yeah, and you too, ladies!) and that they derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  But the way that old Uncle Milton is seeing things, the Wahoos in Warshington (WIW) are failing to protect our rights, and worse, our congresscritters (the WIW’s) are endeavoring to enslave us. 

So what is a *Real American* supposed to do?

Here’s the Thing:

Individually, we must withdraw our consent.  Just like the men that signed the D. of I., who told King George to *piss off*, that is EXACTLY what we need to do.  It is time to have a chat with those public servants.  Point out to them that as a TAXPAYER, your consent is being withdrawn.  Your compliance will no longer be voluntary.  It is time for the servant in public servant to be emphasized, and they had better start to understand who signs their paycheck.

It is time for an accounting, and time for a public domain downsizing.  The private sector has suffered through its outsourcing, and now the public employees are due for a downsizing.  An outsourcing.  The thing is we can’t afford to keep them on our payroll.  *Public Servants- your services are no longer required. 

And when election time comes around, I don’t see how any, i don’t see how ANY, incumbents’ services will be necessary.  That’s the thing.


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