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Here we go Again

July 9, 2011

Rouen ducks featured in Mrs Beeton's BOOK OF H...

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Varmits, Killing off the Waterfowls

So I posted some pictures of my happy seven ducks and two geese last week.  A few days ago, in a motel in Bay City, I read an e-mail from Junior, telling me that two of the ducks had gone missing. (Side note; we are fairly well convinced that the missing ducks were incorrectly identified as Mallards, when they were in fact, Rouens.  The breeds are feathered the same, but the Rouens get much fatter.)

So, I returned from business on Friday to learn that one of the Pekin Ducks turned up gone.  Except for one wing that we located over by the fence row.  Next to the manure pile.  Suspected varmint is raccoon, or raccoons.

Death.  As a part of Life.

While searching the habitat along the fence line, we located some feathers from the Rouen Ducks, too.  While searching the habitat along the fencerow, we located some Rouen feathers as well. Apparently, the duck eating predator(s) snagged a meal, hauled it over to the cover along the fenceline, and had a nice duck dinner.  They left that one wing of a Pekin behind.  So what is a duck lovin’ duck grower to do?

Post a Sentry

Hell, no I did not sit in a lawn chair out by the duck pen all night.  That is what God invented dogs for.  In this case, the Jack Russell Terrier (yes, the same one that killed Chick-Duck)  got tied on a 20 foot long rope, to the outside of the duck pen.  And he bitched about it all night long.  Wah, wah waaah!    But guress what?   The little dog and his complaining allowed us to have the same number of ducks and geese in the pen in the morning, as we started with the night before.  And we will be settting a Hav-a-Hart raccoon trap up nearby later today.  Before the sweet corn season begins, anyway.

Perhaps as long as there are caged poultry, there will be caged poultry predators.  Those stinkin’ varmints had better be careful around this jealous poultry raiser!

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  1. paula permalink
    July 9, 2011 1:15 pm

    yeah & we have stale marshmallows for them!

  2. July 9, 2011 1:42 pm

    Do they climb over the fence? Could you fence the top, or is that not practical?

    Raccoons and be annoying. They emptied out my Hummingbird feeder. Greedy, they are…


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