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Wheat Harvest Near

July 3, 2011


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Farmers Harvesting Wheat, Gardeners, not so much

Dear Reader, you may recall late last summer, me posting how we planted a raised bed with winter wheat, and wondering if it was too late.  Actually, we had a poll, with the results favoring success.  Well, those who voted, thinking there was enough time for the wheat to germinate, grow enough to fend off the freezes of winter, and continue on in the spring, well, you were right.  Our winter wheat raised bed is turning from green to gold, and it looks marvelous.

Now, some of the farmers who planted winter wheat have begun to cut it.  I noticed a few fields between here and Roanoke that were sheared.  And that which has not been cut yet has that beautiful “amber waves of grain” look about it.  One cannot look upon those wheat fields,ripe and  ready to pick, without a deep sense of awe.  America- the world’s bread-basket. Beauty.

Back in the Raised Beds Garden…

You may recall when our sweet peas first sprouted that the free-range chickens found them, and wanted them.  There was only one way to keep the free range chickens and the peas separated, so we put a fence around those raised beds.  That is, the wheat, and potatoes and peas all got enclosed.  Well, the peas are all done, ready to be jerked out of the ground, so I removed the surrounding fence.  Lesson learned here:  ALWAYS leave enough room to get between the fence and the raised bed, for weeding purposes.  All kinds of tall green undesirable things came up and through the fence, and no one around here bothered to pull them.  Until now.  Until me.

And another thing:  potatoes do not do well with sunflowers and dill in the same bed.  The potatoes are all but dead, shaded out, and overwhelmed.  Dang it. There will be a few *baby potatoes* in there but basically it is a wipe out.  Good thing there are two rows of potatoes in the west garden, with no volunteer sunflowers or dill.  (-:

After getting the fence out, and weeding around the edges, the wheat is now visible, and getting more sun, and should be ready to pick in a week or so.  It is not much, other than a successful experiment, and seed to plant this summer.  But with all the death and disappointment, we can relish in our wheat success.

Now don’t forget that reading assignment- The Declaration of Independence.  And remember the exercises. taking action regarding YOUR rights.

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