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July 2, 2011

Celebrating Independence, Individually

OK, dear reader I simply must start out today with one of my PET PEEVES; As we enter this three day holiday weekend, I am already sick and tired of people referring to my favorite holiday as the fourth of July.  My favorite holiday FALLS on the fourth of July; that is the date that my favorite holiday falls upon.  The name of my favorite holiday is Independence Day.  GOD BLESS IT, let’s all start referring to it by its correct name.

Independence Day

OK.  Now that that is out of my system, why don’t we all go out and celebrate independence?  What independence?  Independence from what?  From whom?  And here comes your reading assignment- grab your copy of The Declaration of Independence and read it.  Read it every day, twice, three times, every day, read it to your kids, read it to your spouse, read it to your neighbors.  Read The Declaration of Independence individually.  And then ponder this BIG question…

Who is *King George* of 2011?

Now if you have been reading the View from Bippus for any length of time, you already know how I would answer that question.  But this is about YOU.  How do you feel and think about the bad guy, King George, and his atrocities?  Who is committing atrocities nearly identical to those listed in the document, that we are celebrating this weekend?

And if atrocities are being committed, then how shall we stop the atrocities?

(Time out for a musical interlude…click below)

Individually, everything gets done individually

Individually we shall celebrate independence.  Just like those dudes that celebrated independence from “King” George and the government that he directed, we must celebrate independence from those agents sent hither to eat out our substance.  Individually we must exercise our rights, those rights endowed by the Creator, unalienable, they MUST be celebrated, exercised individually. Any right that goes unexercised, goes extinct.  Do you,dear reader, want your rights  to become extinct?

No, me either.

Homework Assignment #2

Sorry, kids, but you WILL be tested on this stuff after the holiday weekend.  Read all the way through the Bill of Rights, For the new readers here at Bippus, that would be the first 10 amendments to the constitution.  Sample question (for after the weekend) :  How many rights are described in the First Amendment?   (Hint: more than 4)  Okay, so now we have all read, (and continue to read throughout the weekend) the Declaration of Independence AND the Bill of Rights; the next step is to find a way to EXERCISE all of your God given rights.  Don’t let fear get in your way.  Resist fear.  If you harm no one while exercising, then you should have no fear, Resist grub mint agents who infringe upon you.  Exercise your rights.  Individually. Act like a person worthy of holding the title- – -American.

And while you are setting this most American of examples, bring a few friends along.  GOD BLESS AMERICANS, and their country.


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