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Weekend Alone in the Garden

June 27, 2011
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Mantis Tiller

Image by dgp 2008 via Flickr

Well, Me and the Mantis

So I really wasn’t alone, in that my old friend-the 2 cycle mantis spent quite a lot of time with me in the garden.  Actually, 2 Mantis tillers and I spent time together, so it was almost a threesome.  But this is a family oriented blog, so I alternated gardens, and allocated one Mantis tiller to each.

Recall, dear reader, that business has kept old Uncle Milton out of town for the past three weeks.  And last weekend was spent vacationing at a lake house in Michigan, so no time was spent at home.  This means that all garden tending was done by Wifey and the kids.  As I suffered *Withdrawal* from being separated from my gardens, I fretted (understatement– freaked out is much more accurate), um, worried a little that perhaps the weeds would be taking over.  So I ran the mantis tillers down between the rows.  A lot.

Now here is a plug for the Mantis tiller.  My father introduced me to them, many moons ago. These little powerhouse tillers only cut a swath about 9 inches per pass.  They are tiny, and thus very easy to handle and control in tight areas.  I prefer the 2 cycle style, as I prefer the greater power to weight ratio.  At the hardware store in Huntington, Mantis tillers are offered for rent.  Uncle Milton says “Go try one out.  You will love it”.

Anyway, when the kids heard the Mantis fire up, they all headed for the hinterlands.  I managed to totally till the west garden, and perhaps about a third of the North garden.  Singlehandedly.  Also in my absense, no one had removed any rabbit manure from under the cages.  So after hauling about 12 five gallon buckets of rabbit manure out to the garden, and spreading it between the rows, the fertilizing of the north garden is pretty much done for a while.

Perhaps, dear reader, you recall me alerting you to get some free tomato seeds from the good folks over at Wintersown.Org…  Well, I planted those wintersown FREE seeds in one gallon, plastic milk jugs way back in the winter, when snow was on the ground.  I put holes in the top, and bottom and placed them on the south side of the house.

And then I forgot about them.  Until yesterday. O.M.G.    I looked into the jugs yesterday, and these dried out, nearly dead plants cried out to me.  “Help us.  We’re d-y-i-n-g-!=!-!”      Oh, my;  did they ever look terrible.  But they were still alive.  So I quickly shuttled them to the shade, over near the North garden. I filled up a watering can and saturated the wilted little suckers.  And then I saturated them again.  There they stayed, in the shade, until 9 p.m.  Then, as the sun was flirting with the horizon in the West, they went into the ground.  And got another deep soaking.

And today?  They are looking good.  They are looking really good.  But I have to tell you that they probably would not have lasted much more of that type of abuse.  So there is a *bonus* row of tomatoes in the North garden.  Phew!

So, one man, two machines and a lot of manure.  What a way to spend a weekend alone in the garden.

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