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June 21, 2011

turnip top, turnip greens

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Green Thumbs are Turning (away?)

Greetings dear reader.  And apologies.  My job has taken me on the road, which means that Mondays through Fridays are spent out-of-town and away from that luscious dirt of my garden.  And even when I am at home, the weather and the family and well, just plain LIFE has managed to get in the way of   1. gardening and 2. writing about gardening.

We had a special visitor last, last weekend and that special guest was treated to the joy of picking peas and strawberries.  As usual, the peas came in, all at once and we picked the seven rows in the raised beds and harvested about a bushel.  And then they needed to be shelled, which was a family affair.  So six of us stood around the kitchen table for about an hour, cracking, splitting, dragging and tossing the sweet round peas into buckets.  And having SIX to do the shelling was a wonderful thing.  In my absense, the gang went through another picking, not so rich, and they tell me there will be one more to come.  Then we will pull the plants and put in a different crop.

But I write this from a hotel room over 200 miles from home.  My fingernails are clean.  I have not pulled any weeds in weeks.  Having a big garden and not pulling weeds for several days is bad news.  Weeks?  Bigger bad news.  So what is one to do?

{{{Suffering Withdrawal}}}

Well, you know that I love good food.  So all one can do under my circumstances is hunt for good food, and secure it.  So I am here to tell you I found a wonderful menu at the Cracker Barrel.  The menu offers a low carb section, and some wonderful choices when your regular garden fare is unavailable.  Tonight it was a tossed salad, fried pork chops, and turnip greens.  There are also many opportunities to overdo it.  We won’t talk about that tonight.  The food mentioned is heap plenty delicious.

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  1. June 21, 2011 11:29 am

    Too bad you are away from your garden so much. But at least you were there for the peas. Nothing better than fresh peas!

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