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The Last Nail

June 6, 2011

When a Congressman Gives a Speech Titled “The Last Nail”, should we be concerned?

disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are expressly those of the author, a certifiable contrarian.

Found this fantastically hyperlinked version of Congressman Ron Paul’s *Last Nail* speech on the floor of the u.S. Congress:“The Last Nail” The speech is by Ron Paul, 2012 Presidential Candidate, the article’s hyperlinks by Thomas Eddlem, superlative writer for The New American.

Please read it, analyze it and share it with your friends.  Make the information a jumping off point for action.  The time for hope and change is long past- the change has happened right under our noses, and the hope is that we can get back what has been lost to those bastard *Ruling Class* reptiles that mean to utterly destroy us.




And God Bless.

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