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Aren’t We Blessed?

May 30, 2011

Those we honor on Decoration Day

On Decoration Day, there is much to Celebrate

Memorial Day today is such a wonderful thing. After reading about it’s history here, I think I will refer to it as Decoration Day from now on. As a private kind of person, I like that people organized, did something to benefit both themselves and others, and did it out of a spirit of volunteerism. They did it without taxing their fellow citizens.

So as we proceed into Decoration Day, there are so many things to celebrate. Take a looksy-peeksy at this video, and I will have some more ideas for you, after the break:

Seven Wonders of the World Movie.

So here is what I see, right now on Decoration Day:
The sky is blue, not a cloud in the sky.
The grass is green and it needs to be mowed.
The breeze is blowing, the trees are wavering splendidly in the breeze.

And some little girl in a schoolroom somewhere showed me how to bettter appreciate these things. I can remember a time when, being under contract to the U.S. Marines, I saw many of the same things, from the inside of a barb wired *compound* and could not appreciate the sheer beauty of it all. We have thousands of thousands of similarly contracted young Americans in similar circumstances Right Now.  They are there because of their own strong convictions, their own idea that they should contribute.

I honor them and their commitment.  And I want to do my part, to contribute to their safe return to America.  So, on this Decoration Day, may we all do our part to bring our brave living military men and women home, even as we celebrate those who have fallen.  Let us exhibit our love for them, and for those they are directed to kill, by bringing home the troops, every last one.

For of all of our blessings, Love is the greatest of them all.  Peace and Love to you, and yours.

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