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Memorial Decoration Day

May 28, 2011

Southern United States

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What We Memorialize, What We Decorate

When visiting with my good friend and neighbor who was born in the nineteen-teens, he said something that caught my minds ear.  That was that *they* used to say that a farmer was doing pretty good if he had all his crops planted by Decoration Day.  Now my friend has spent most of more than ninety years living in the G.B.A.  Other than pasture, he and his family do not have any of their crops in.  Some of the farmers have their corn in, that *little green peach fuzz* that decorates the ground.  But there is a lot left to  plant.  And decorate.

Kneel Where Our Loves Are Sleeping

One of the several *versions* of how Memorial Day came about is that

organized women’s groups in the South were decorating the graves of Confederate Dead..

But then the grubber mint got involved, and there was dissent. Now I don’t know about you, but I took my general education in the grubber mint schools of southeast Michigan. And what they taught about *reconstruction* – that period of American history immediately following the extremely uncivil Civil War, well, it was a large dose of Hail to the Victors, Valiant. We won, you hillbillies lost, It was all about slavery and blah, blah blaaaaaa.
And then yours truly grew up, and found out there were other accounts of how the hostilities began.

And other evidence that Abraham Lincoln was not who the grubber mint schools portrayed him to be. Look Here, and here , and maybe even here, to start your journey. My point is that what I took as “history” as a high school student, was really a grub mint revision, held up to glorify the grub mint.

So Southern Women’s Groups were Decorating

Presumably, there were quite a few widows, grief stricken, poverty stricken and stricken by a Northern dominated federal government that was ever more steadily increasing its foreign choke hold on those who believed in state’s rights, and just wanted to be left alone.  Central planning from Washington, making life difficult for the undead enemy.  Isn’t it interesting that several of the Southern states, after having the federal grub mint take over their “Decoration Day” of honoring the dead Confederates, refused to participate in honoring the dead of the invading northern army?  And as they celebrate Memorial Day, honoring the federal dead, they separately honor the Confederates.


Please don’t get me wrong, here

When a young man or woman joins the military, like I did in 19 and 77, they do it for personal reasons, most important of which may be feeling an indebtedness to protect their country. For GOOD.  And they swear an oath to support and defend THE CONSTITUTION, not the president, not the congress, not the judiciary, not the GOVERNMENT;  the oath taken by our young is to support and defend the constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic!!!

Reread that paragraph and let it sink in.

One more time.

So now we have dead.  Too many dead.  And we have a holiday, proclaimed by the grubber mint.  Honor thy dead.  You are God Blessed Right I will honor the dead.  But not because the grubby mint says so. Not because they made a law that gives most working people the last Monday in May the day off work.  I honor the dead, those valiant young men and women, because I believe that they died in an attempt to protect a document, a piece of paper, that represents a way of life that is based on individuals and their relationship with GOD, and our GOD-given rights

We SHOULD memorialize our fallen dead, and we should decorate their graves, and we should gather with our families, and friends, and celebrate.  We should do these things, with the awareness that many of the dead ARE dead, are dead because of actions taken by government employees who took the same oath, to support and defend the constitution, and then violated their oath. They begin wars without declaring war, they bomb countries that never attacked us, they participate in United Nations police actions, without the consent of the governed.

And they do all that, with a smile, violating their oath, getting our best and brightest kids killed, not to protect our rights, but to protect their own power over us.

Memorial Day is a good time to reflect on the commitment of those who gave their lives.  Pray for them. But equally important is to pray for those who play games with our servicemen’s lives, that they live up to their oath of office, that they protect, and defend.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for participating in the greatest experiment.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!

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