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Green *Peach Fuzz*

May 25, 2011

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Corn is Up, Kinda

Passing through South Whitley, Larwill, Wilmot, and Cromwell many of the fields have a green peach fuzzy kind of look to them.  Many of the fields have been planted with corn, and if one is not looking down the rows, the one to three inch tall plants give the impression that it is covered with green peach fuzz.

So one wonders, did the guys that got their corn in and started before The Rains came to the Greater Bippus Area (GBA), well, did they get an advantage over those who have not?  Today, severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings were frequent in the GBA, and (dare I say it?) torrential downpours have been common.  This presents challenges for drivers as well as farmers, as many of the roads have been completely covered with water; and the adjacent fields, umm,  yeah, completely covered with water.  Well, large parts of those fields are underwater.  Which brings me to the question, again, are those farmers better off having their corn in?

If the puddles do not drain off, the little corn plants will die.

And the Garden Lies…

We got the garden plowed.  And disked.  And even got started working it over good with the tiller, establishing a nice work-up to a sweet seed bed.  But that was before the rains.  The raised beds are doing fine, but the (unraised) garden is wet. I mean, um, WET.  Like wet as in standing water.  No planting today.

The wheat from last fall is up and green and almost up to the knee.  The potatoes…doing good.  The peas keep forcing us to install another row of string to give them something to cling to and they are as tall as the wheat.  And the strawberries are about ready to pop.  We have had flowers for over a week and many have little green berries forming.  But no seed in the main garden.  For now.

So we wait.

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  1. May 26, 2011 12:27 pm

    We had buckets and buckets of rain yesterday. I wonder how the corn that is already planted will do too. Might be a poor growing season. Happy to hear the strawberries are coming along. But can’t too much rain hurt them too?

    • Uncle Milton permalink*
      May 26, 2011 9:24 pm

      Too much rain can hurt the strawberries. Luckily, they are on an ever so slight piece of sloped ground, and the water doesn’t collect there. I am looking out the window at them right now, and they are rich, lush and green (the plants are) and the field beyond is streaked with puddles laying all over. That ground has been cultivated, but it may be a while before the farmer can plant soybeans.

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