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Arrogant Bastards

May 22, 2011

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Keeping it Sweet,

I chose *arrogant bastards* among a long list of descriptives to apply to three of the five who sit on Indiana’s Supreme Court, that chose to decide a case last week by claiming an individual in Indiana has no right to interfere with an illegal police entry into their own home.

Now even an elementary school child can read in the fourth amendment of the united State constitution what the procedure is when agents of the state feel the need to enter a private abode. And that text is repeated in the Indiana Constitution.  These 3 arrogant bastards have become so duplicit, so deceitful, so buggered up in their thinking that they have effectively managed to decree that “Peace is War”.    Up is now down in Indiana. By court decree, North is defined to be South.  Only knuckleheads of the ruling class have enough chutzpah to behave in such fashion.

Now for those outside Indiana

I can hear all the smug comments, I sense that some are saying *glad I don’t live there*. One of my dear readers even thought (yeah I heard that too) that folks in this state ought to be bringing out the torches, and the tar and pitchforks and feathers and heading on down to Indianapolis.  Some tough decisions need to made in this here state, but for those of you dear readers outside this state, you have been given your wake up call.  Because these arrogant bastards are in positions of power in your locale as well, and this court decision will embolden them.  So you will want to start considering the actions that will be required when the fit hits the shan near YOU.

And Back to INDIANA:

Already I have read an e-mail that suggests that two of the three arse holes are up for *confirmation* in an election in November. WELL ALL 3 OF THEM NEED TO GET GONE, AND YESTERDAY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SOON ENOUGH!!!  It would appear that impeachment would give the first legal remedy. A denial of basic individual rights like this decision, may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, as far as legal remedies.  Just sayin’.  These ruling class snakes need to be removed from power. They must be identified, isolated and shunned from our country.

In short, once an agent of the state tries to pull an Orwell on the people, that individual needs to get GONE.   More to follow, but you should plan accordingly.

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  1. May 23, 2011 7:44 pm

    I was totally shocked when I read that decision. It is breath taking in its arrogance.

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