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Underwater in Bippus

May 15, 2011

Map of the Wabash River watershed.

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Spring Rains Come, Don’t Go

Greetings from Bippus, the land down under.  Down under about 2 inches of water in the past 24 hours. Yours truly had not put a rain gauge out yet (what was I thinking?) but the fields and roads, and creeks and rivers tell the story.

The Story is “Down Under”

Fields north and northeast of us here in the suburbs of Bippus have larger puddles than ever observed.  One field reached 40% and the other field 60% inundated. The county drains just cannot remove the water from the fields fast enough.  The county drains are at crest levels.  We would say the ditches are full, and the ditches flow down to the creek.  But the creeks are crested.  All of this puts back pressure on the drains, and the water stays put.  So the fields are “Down Under”, and will be for the near short term.

The Ride to Church

It is about nine miles to church for our family.  We had to cross two places where the road was totally under water. It was still water, not moving, so we proceeded gently. Remember, if the water is moving, go back, and find another route.  Several places along the state road had gravel on the blacktop.  A careful study revealed that the shoulders had been transported, especially on the steeper inclines, from the side to the driving surface of the road.

This reminds me that Bruce Lee, famous martial artist, aspired to be strong like water.  The Heavy rains created moving water that displaced the gravel from the shoulder to the driving surface.  Remember what I said about not crossing moving water?

We took the back roads home after church.  Same. Same.  High water signs had been placed in several locations, and in one low lying area, where a feeder creek crosses the road within a quarter mile of the river, the creek flow adjacent to the road was only inches below the surface of the road.  Powerful, moving water here could be deadly to travelers.

Forecast=4 more days of rain

Our property is generally upland property.  We live along the crest between two river drainage systems, Water to the north goes into the Eel River, water to the south into Clear Creek and the Wabash River.  The soil is clay so the water puddles but does not sink in, it must be drained. The Eel river joins the Wabash River and they feed the Ohio River, which flows into the Mississippi.  As author Rachel Carson pointed out in the sixties- “Everything….Goes Somewhere”.  With 4 more days of rain forecasted for the greater Bippus Area, and with our ditches and creeks and rivers at the crest of their banks, I couldn’t help but wonder about those folks downstream.  Please consider praying for those who live downstream.  The national news includes a story about flood gates in Louisiana being opened for the first time in 40 years.  We have a lot of water here in Bippus right now, and more forecasted.  Our water will eventually make it to Louisiana.  People in low lying areas will be challenged, so we need to prepare ourselves to offer them aid.  Your prayer today, and a helping hand tomorrow will be beneficial.


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