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Plans Run Amuck

May 13, 2011

The Mallard, the archetypal "wild duck&qu...

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Duck Plan No Workee

It was one year ago today, Dear Reader, when one of our flying mallards had her first hatchling.  We had tried to winter over three hen ducks and one drake.  It ended up being two hens and one drake, and we got a big surprise with that first hatch.

It was a chicken.  So we named him Chick-Duck.  And he turned out to be one handsome barred rock rooster, that dueled with one ugly jack russell terrier.  And lost.  So as I was recalling the brief story of Chick Duck, I also got to thinking about the thirty mallard ducks that we raised from those two hen ducks, and how I didn’t clip them properly.  And they all flew off in autumn.

And the Kicker Is…

Wouldn’t it have been cool if only we had thought ahead for the possibility that there would be migrants, and banded those ducks?  It would have provided for the possibility that some hunter would harvest one of our ducks, and get in touch with us, and let us know where our little feathered friend(s) had gone.

But hindsight is 20/20 now, isn’t it?  So with all that accumulated knowledge, should it turn out that the 2 mallard chicks we have are one each, male and female, then we ought to both clip them AND band them and take really good care of them over the winter.

Then we might get a chance to raise up another flock of those gorgeous flying mallards. Sounds like a plan.  Peace.

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