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A Weapon of Mass Construction

May 8, 2011

Is Freedom Falling Out of Fashion???

It seems to me that you, dear reader, are a person that does not like being told what to do.  Somehow, I am thinking that you, like yours truly, are fairly well fed up with the Ruling Class, in warshington, or the state capitol, placing more constraints on We, the People, in an attempt to what, make everyone happy?

And if you are an adult, (there may be a few dear readers under the age of majority here, and if so, WELCOME, dear age-inhibited readers, j.k.), you might be fed up with all this nonsense about taking off your shoes and belt at the airport, wearing a seat belt when you drive, wearing a helmit when you ride, (motorcycles AND bicycles), where you can light up a stogie, licensing everything from your car to your boat to your dog to your hairstylist.

You might have lost your endurance to tolerate the shenanigans of the FDA, the EPA, the OSH&A, the gunwalker scandal of the BATFE, or the killing of innocents by the DEA. I dunno.  Maybe after looking at your income tax return, and seeing how much you didn’t get to keep, you just feel like giving up.

And THAT is when it is time to read Claire Wolfe…

If you are not familiar with Claire Wolfe, and any of the stuff I wrote above describes your feelings. HAH! you just better hightail it over to this

Hot Little Article at the backwoodshome website, and have yourself a read. Claire Wolfe is a premiere freedom advocate, and she can boost one’s freedom spirit, when it starts to flounder.  Her current work, titled “What’s an Outlaw to Do?” points out that real americans that love freedom, (I am thinking that is YOU and ME) can be weapons of mass construction. ha ha I love that term.   mass construction.  We can promulgate that little spark of liberty in others , keep their candle of liberty lit, and fan those liberty candles.  Fan them into flames.  Flames that are constructive of that love of freedom. That keep that freedom fire burning in the minds and hearts of real americans everywhere.

Mass Construction of the Country Class

Accepting that all humans make mistakes, and are responsible for their actions, we of the “Country Class” are tolerant of others.  Most others.  Not so much when it comes to the “Ruling Class”- you know those bastards who only desire to tell others what to do.  Yeah the same bastards in Claire Wolfe’s classic bookDon’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet)The time may just be upon us when we ignore the bastards, and just give a good hearty belly laugh at them. But read her article. And if you are who I think you are, read her book. And let’s become weapons of mass construction.


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