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Asparagus Time

May 1, 2011

UPDATED: May 01,2011 so that the links worked properly.

First *Meal Size* Harvest Today

Well, greetings, dear reader.  The rains held off today, and the *Sea of Yellow” swarmed.  Sea of Yellow means that the dandelions have blossomed, and they are EVERYWHERE  around here.  And with the temps reaching up into the mid-sixties, the asparagus has started producing.

Yay, asparagus!

Now I have been picking some asparagus for a while, but there was not enough for a meal for the whole family.  So, (what the heck?) I just ATE it, right out there in the garden.  Today was different as I gathered a whole, fat handful.

Asparagus Needs Weeding

We have maybe thirty five feet of row of asparagus, tucked in just north of our (first) strawberry patch.  Kind of out of the way of the regular garden, where we wouldn’t run the tractor with a plow or disc.  And after harvest season, well, (ahem) we just kind of forget about the asparagus, and let er’ rock.  So some maintenance is required, in that all manner of *other stuff* is also growing over there.

Pulling Weeds

Which brings me to this:Ya Gotta Be Contraryarticle from Claire Wolfe over at this awesome self reliance site:…theBackwoodshome site.  Claire Wolfe points out that you can’t fight weeds unless you know their nature.  She writes about (mainly) the nature of the *Ruling Class* and how those weeds ought to be pulled.  I heartily recommend you check out her writing.  And Backwoodshome is a great reference site, with TONS of great info, and so you ought to check them out as well.

Because Claire is right about weeds, and agreement from a contrarian like me is a rare thing.

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