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More April Showers

April 29, 2011

Rain,Rain and strong winds, too

Greetings dear reader.  The Greater Bippus Area continues to absorb moisture.  Awoke this morning to see lakes developed in many of the fields, some of them spanning the roads. The mid-morning wake up (at 2 a.m.) got me to thinking about getting a spare sump pump, as the rain continued to fall and the sump pump continued to cycle, on for eight seconds, off for a minute and a half.  It is weird how something wakes you up, and then something keeps you from sleeping. And sometimes some good idea comes out of it.

So it seems Appropriate

that we got a call from the post office this morning, and the two teenagers went down there and picked up a little box from a little hatchery in Iowa.  And there were little ducks in there.  Seven little ducklings.

And seven turkeys.  And two goslings.  A potpourri of poultry from Murray McMurray out there in Iowa. What they call their “Barnyard Collection #1” .  And the nice thing is that Junior and Princess brought them home and took each one, one at a time, and dipped their little beak (for the turkeys) or their bills (for the ducklings and gosling) into the water fount, before releasing them into the little cardboard circle with the big, red heat lamp hanging about a foot above the newspapered floor.

The newspaper will have to be changed tomorrow, if they eat properly, to remove their waste, but it is in there to *teach* them about their food.  We usually sprinkle some of their feed onto the newspaper, they eat it and then they somehow recognize that the same *stuff* is in their little feeder.  Then voila!,  and they are good to go.

With One Little Complication

Tomorrow, we expect to get a delivery of “Freedom Ranger” Chickens from out east.  And the plan now is to keep changing the newspaper under the turkeys and ducklings, and goslings, until the new chickens are in there, and are also “good to go” and then we can quit with the newspaper and just let them all grow under the big red light, on wood chips, until they are all feathered and can go outside.

So Junior (supposedly) took some pictures of the new poults and I hope to recover them and share them with you here soon.  But it just seemed appropriate that the waterfowl should arrive during the floodingest time of the spring.

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