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Is Atlas Shrugging?

April 20, 2011

Will Atlas Shrug?

I wrote recently about seeing the new movie Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 and both Wifey and I gave the movie a “Thumbs Up”.  Apparently reviews are mixed, with bloggers that actually paid to see the movie in approval, and *professional* movie reviewers NOT in approval.

The good folks over at Freedomworks liked the movie so much, they made their own video of it:

Freedomworks laced various newsclips (current events, anyone?) into scenes from Atlas, and it is worth a look-see.

Astute Observation

And then there is this astute observation from Vin Suprynowicz, writing from way out there in Las Vegas,THE ENORMOUS DISCONNECT, an article reviewing the movie, as well as the movie reviewers. Vin’s enormous disconnect reminded me of the chasm between the Ruling Class and the Country Class, pitting the well heeled movie reviewers in the “Ruling” category, and us poor bloggers in the “Country” category.

As the theme of Atlas Shrugged is related to the chasm between “producers” (those that provide and just want to be left alone) and “tax-feeders” (those that live off the fruit of other’s labor),  I found Suprynowicz’s observations noteworthy.

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