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Atlas (who is John Galt?) Shrugged-the movie

April 17, 2011

Saw Atlas Shrugged, liked it, then shrugged

Not much happening in the G.B.A. this weekend, with the cool temps and the intermittent showers and the massive unsettled winds, so Wifey and I dropped in to the Fort Wayne theatre to watch the new release of the movie “Atlas Shrugged”.  Now I have a feeling that many of the dear readers that visit the ViewfromBippus may have read the Ayn Rand book of the same name.  The movie fairly maintains the tone of the book.

Are Books ALWAYS Superior to Movies?

What I recall from reading Atlas Shrugged over twenty years ago was how difficult it was to consume.  The novel (as I recall) was over 800 pages, and although it was action packed, it seemed to take forever for me to finish.  Not so with the movie.  Ahhh, not so with Part 1 of the movie.  They kept to the script, perhaps modified the dates so that it occurs in the future, but the *Idea* of Ayn Rand is still in there.  So back to the question posed above, in this rare case I have to tell you that I think that the book in this one case in NOT superior to the movie.  Come to think of it, this is the first time I have ever said such a thing, as I love to read books.

If you have not read the book Atlas Shrugged, let me just give you a short overview.  Captains of Industry in America are being thwarted at every turn in their attempts to satisfy their customers, and make money, by a *Ruling Class* that feels entitled to the spoils (uhh, the private profits) taken through legislation.  New law after new law makes it nigh impossible to run a private company, without a “Man in Washington” that looks to gain favor with the Ruling Class.  A mysterious stranger visits with various successful businessmen, who simply vanish, disappear, leaving their company to be run by incompetent boobs and their socialist *friends* in politics, and manufacturing suffers immediately.

Why Did Milton Shrug?

I enjoyed the movie.  I enjoyed the premise of the movie and the book.  I see some pretty strong parallels between the fiction and current events.  So why would Old Uncle Milton “shrug” after watching?

There will be a sequel.  The movie is titled “Atlas Shrugged- Part 1”.  It ended as an action packed cliffhanger moment, that left this viewer wanting for more.  And even though I went to the afternoon matinee, I still shelled out seven stinkin FRN’s for the privilege of watching it.  (If you are a newer reader here at the ViewfromBippus, FRN is an acronym for those worthless and diminishing in value things we call dollars, federal reserve notes.)  Hah, in the movie, several times, different characters left what looked to be a #5 FRN on the counter to pay for a cup of coffee.

The Best Line in the whole movie

is in the trailer, above, where Hank Reardon, inventor of Reardon Steel, says “My only goal IS to make money”.  You have to see it in context to fully appreciate it, but know this, Hank is NOT a Wall Street Banker.  ‘Nuff said.

So after all of that, go on out and see the movie.  Better yet, go on down to the library and check out the book, read it, and then go see the movie.  And after that, if you have any spare FRN’s left over, go on out and buy some stuff like coffee, and consumables;  (the 3 B’s) like beans, bullets and band-aids.  Before that cup of coffee in a restaurant REALLY DOES COST #5FRN.


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