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A Zit on a Gnat’s Ass

April 16, 2011

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Another Milton Story

I like stories.  Do you like stories?  Do you like sitting around a campfire out in the woods, and hearing the crackling of the fire, while someone spins up a yarn?  Or do you like to tell a good story, like the one about the giant fish that was on your line, and pulled your boat across the lake, before it spit the hook and departed?  Yeah, I thought so.

In that spirit, I would like to share a story about a gnat.  Just a regular gnat, that developed a zit on it’s ass.

Who knew gnats got zits???

It all started in a country far, far away at a time when men wore funny tight pants, and leggins that covered their calves.  The men rode horses for transportation, and wore three pointed hats to cover their head.  At that time, the gnats were fat and happy, and they had no acne.

This far-off country in a time long, long ago had no king.  Neither did it have a queen, or a prince or princess.  The people that were in charge argued clearly that the “divine right of king’s” was a theory propagated to insure power and control for a minority over the majority; and these men, being statesmanlike, secured a set of rules for the country that allowed all of the people to dream big, and to pursue their dreams.  Even if their dreams were entirely stupid.  The gnats lived well, but they never got a zit.  Ever.

Fast Forward 235 Years

Fast forward to April 18, 2011- and the people must settle their *debt* with the *public servants* that rule their country.  Yep, the dreaded Tax Day.  The *public servants* that have evolved are nothing like the statesmen of 235 years ago, who accepted that they managed the government according to a written document that *limited* their actions to a precisely defined list. Oh, no.  They, these “Ruling Class Tax Feeders” have developed a skill for rearrangement, where they reinterpret the things that they cannot do, into a list of things that they must do.  And in the opinion of the Ruling Class of 2011, the list of *must-do* tasks is ever increasing.

Here is a short sample of what the Ruling Class (thinks they) must do:

  • Fly planes over Libya, and destroy the *Ruling Class* over there
  • Continue to search out and destroy goat herders in Afghanistan
  • Maintain enormous *palaces* (the Green Zone) in Iraq
  • Hire thousands of new IRS Agents to collect more taxes
  • Fund abortions for women who find pregnancy inconvenient
  • Restrict the Free Speech of the people in the country
  • Destroy the right to own and use property, as one desires
  • (this could go on and on, but you are getting tired of this, yes?)

The point is that the “Ruling Class” of this country is burning through nearly 11 Billion dollars a day, every day, and they have no way to pay for it.  The most recent census data tells us that only 12.5% of households make over $100,000 per year.  Further, over 60% earn $49,000 or less per year.  And those levels are FALLING.  Looky here: ShadowStatsto see how quickly the FRN’s that you use are losing their value.  The *Ruling Class* bastards  are losing the consent of the governed.  And they are holding a public spectacle (like professional wrestling) that they title “Spending Cuts”.

Spending Cuts?

The stooges in Washington Ruling Class of this hypothetical country are engaging to cut the spending of the money coerced consentingly given them by the people.  With current spending running in the neighborhood of $3 trillion they are working on a $138 Billion dollar spending cut, which the Congressional Budget Office says is really, effectively a cut of 352 Million dollars.

Now you remember those fat and happy gnats from way back in 1776?  Well their descendants are not fat.  And they are not happy.  In fact, those gnats are shriveling up, losing weight, looking rather pale. Weak.  Dying.  And each one of them has developed acne.  Each gnat has a zit on it’s ass.

A teeny-tiny little zit.

And that zit is what the “Ruling Class” calls a “Spending Cut”.

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