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Asparagus’ (asparagai?) Appearance

April 12, 2011

Asparagus officinalis L. plant

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Sunday Morning-April 10-Asparagus First Appears

Dear reader,

Sunday was the day of sun, and warmth and the appearance of asparagus, poking its way above the surface of the earth.  Thunderstorms in the evening provided moisture for growing, and it won’t be long now until the harvest is on.  If we can keep the weeds back, we should get four to six weeks of fresh asparagus.  Many mornings, the crisp shoots do not even make it out of the garden, as they just look too yummy.

And so, if you do not already have a bed of asparagus planted, I would reach out to you to encourage you to start one today.  Typically, one buys a bunch (six or eight or ten) sets of roots, weeds a to-be-bed-area, digs out a nice trench, and plants the roots…Then two years later, and subsequent years, they spend the early spring days awaiting the arrival of tasty, crisp, fresh shoots.  A minimal investment in roots, weeding, and waiting; and you will be thanking me and enjoying for a long time to come.

One word of caution, however.  Plan.  Place the bed where it will not be in your way throughout the seasons, as you must leave the plants alone, except for weeding and cultivating…and snapping off the tasty, crisp shoots.

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