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Not Complaining

April 11, 2011

Drops of sweat

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Wind, Sweat and Bugs

Good day, dear reader; if you came here to read complaining you are about to be disappointed.  Spring weather arrived in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA) last Friday, and on Sunday the thermometer read well into the eighty’s.  Yeah, that is 80’s farenheit.  That is REAL spring weather.

And real spring weather brings southern winds, which bring warmer temps, and moisture.  Warmer temps, especially eighty degree warmer temps, provides for the onslaught of insects.  And with all that hot sun and some hard work, well that generates sweat. And sweat attracts the stinkin bugs.  But you won’t hear me complain. uhn-uh.

I just had a great weekend.

The Hit Parade of Fun Stuff…

included some loud banging as we took target practice.  And also as we bent sheet metal for the bunnies new hutch roof.  The wind was powerful strong, blowing projectiles off to the right several inches over a hundred yard flight.  Complain? No. Windage training.

Double digging another raised bed, this time with help from Junior.  The sun was out, it was HOT, sweat was flowing, bugs were buzzing, and strongly attracted to our sweaty, shirtless backs.  Complain?  No. Got a little start on the sun tan.  (Before the thunderstorms blew in.)

And what about that sweat?  Complain?  Naw.  Sweat is part of a natural cleaning process, clearing the pores, and moving toxins out of the body.  Sweat is a sign of accomplishment.  And when the job is done, sweat is a signal that an ice cold *liquid bread* refreshment is called for.  Make mine a *liquid bread light* please.

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  1. May 31, 2011 1:58 am

    Sounds like a perfect day to me. The only thing missing was jumping in the lake to cool off after the job was done, and some wonderful summer food.


  1. Great weather, great food & rejuvination | Rebel With a Fork Blog

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