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Something’s Rotten in Raleigh

April 6, 2011

Liberty Dollar

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Raleigh, North Carolina, eminating Rotten Stench

Perhaps, dear reader, you have read of Bernard von NotHaus, the inventor from Indiana of the Liberty Dollar.  Mister von NotHaus has been in the news of the internet lately, not on the heavily filtered tee wee news, as he has recently been convicted of *counterfeiting*.  Hah!  Counterfeiting and Conspiracy too!  I remember back in the last century learning about Liberty Dollars, and even considered buying some.  There was a kind of a shortage of businesses in my locale that would trade goods and services for Liberty Dollars back then, and I passed.

American’s Right to Contract

As an American it always seemed to me that we had a right to contract.  If memory serves me, in Article 1 Section 10, the state is expressly prohibited from making any Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts“.  Mr. von NotHaus had contracts all right.  And apparently one of the top officers in his organization, was based in Asheville, N.C., so the federales are pursuing action in that state.  The *Liberty Dollars” are silver coins, minted by the Sunshine Mint in Coeur Da’Lene, Idaho.  NotHaus must have had a contract with them. Being an Indiana man, it seems that the State of Indiana ought to be protecting his right to contract.  Hmm.  Maybe that is why the trial is in Statesville, N.C.  Fishy, eh?

Conspiracy- against Whom?

If one had decided to buy Liberty Dollars back in 1998, I seem to recall (as an *old dude* you ought to check me out on this claim) one could buy a Liberty Dollar, as part of a “contract” for around five bucks er, I mean five of those green pieces of paper with George Washington’s face on them.  Maybe it was six.  But today, that one ounce of silver, under contract, could be traded for somewhere north of 35 green George Washingtons.  So in 13 years, the relative value seems to have gone from 6 to 35 = 583% which is weird, isn’t it? That would seem to have been a good decision, except for one thing.Federal prosecutors on Monday tried to take a hoard of silver “Liberty Dollars” worth about $7 million that authorities say was invented by an Indiana man to compete with U.S. currency. All that *conspiracy* and *counterfeiting* turned out to be something the federales want. So, apparently, they intend to “take” those Liberty Dollars away from whoever has them.  Hmm.  Now where was it written that we Americans shall not …”be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” again?  Hmm.  Was that written in the Bill of Rights under Amendment V?  Weird, they just are going to take Liberty Dollars from their rightful owners, who acquired them in a private contract, that is supposed to be protected by the state?  How absurd!

What is that foul odor?  Did someone leave fish on the counter, or is something rotten going on in North Carolina?

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  1. Retire Lugar permalink
    April 8, 2011 7:07 pm

    It seems to me that if a public library (or any entity) is given authority to tax more than they need is also confiscating private property.

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