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Fire, Water, Earth and ____

April 1, 2011


Yes.  CanadianaSally.  C.S. makes some great farming videos.  It occurred to me that we have been seeing the movement of more farm equipment in the G.B.A. and that perhaps a word of caution might be in order.  Check out this short, 4 minute video by C.S.

I really liked the picture of the pigs, grazing in the ditch under the signs for all that fast food.  So the word of caution that I have for Y’all is


(just a moment)

(I’ze trying)

D – O – N – ‘ T

(okay, you got me there.  Don’t is really two words)  But DON’T eat that fast food stuff.  Really.  Just grab an apple.  Or an orange.  Or a kiwi, but lay off that fast food junk.  Just like the farmers in CanadianaSally’s video, that junk food will bring disaster.

And the word of the day is…

Biodynamic.  Biodynamic farming and gardening looks upon the soil and the farm as living organisms. It regards maintenance and furtherance of soil life as a basic necessity if the soil is to be preserved for generations, and it regards the farm as being true to its essential nature if it can be conceived of as a kind of individual entity in itself — a self-contained individuality. It begins with the ideal concept of the necessary self-containedness of the farm and works with furthering the life of the soil as a primary means by which a farm can become a kind of individuality that progresses and evolves.

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