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Planted, Raised Beds Protected

March 30, 2011

Chicken Tractor

Hundred Feet of Welded Wire Fencing Encloses Four Raised Beds

So I was down to the *Big R* store in Wabash, Indiana yesterday and picked up a hundred foot roll of four foot high welded wire fence and a dozen T Posts.  Also purchased two *Feed Lot Panels*, which are heavy welded wire (almost rod) sections 16′ long, that are used to contain cattle, sheep, goats and larger livestock in the pens where they are fed.  Typically these would be nailed to heavy wooden fenceposts with U-shaped nails.

Anyway, I installed some of the  T-Posts around the four raised beds that are planted, hung the fence on them, and tied the fence to the T-Posts with little metal clips, and once again, have happy, free-ranging chickens.  And…they won’t be digging up my wheat and/or peas.

And the Feed Lot Panels?

The feed lot panels are part of a new project I have to build an improved *Chicken Tractor*.  They will be mounted on ten foot long runners, bent into an inverted U shape, to form the sides and top of a portable containment cell, (like the picture above, only quite a bit larger) with food and water and shelter from predators.  The *tractor* is then moved on a regular schedule, allowing the birds inside to graze a new piece of pasture, scratch the ground up a little in their quest for bugs and weeds and seeds, and fertilize the ground before moving on.  I hope to provide pictures of the construction and the implementation of this improved tractor as the project proceeds.

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  1. March 30, 2011 4:08 pm

    The *Chicken Tractor* sounds interesting. Looking forward to pictures.

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