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The Bestest Last Day of Winter

March 20, 2011

Mt. San Miguel is on fire.  San Diego County w...

Image by slworking2 via Flickr

a.k.a.-How Junior and I Spent the Day

Greetings, dear reader.  Yesterday all the girls left for parts unknown, and Junior and I were left to our own devices.  We repotted some seedlings, planted another flat of cool weather seeds, and began the clearing of *leftovers* in the front garden.


Some sort of forgetfulness must have come over me last fall, as we found the dead carcasses of tomato, pepper, pole beans, celery, cabbage, brocolli, green beans, and bundles of sweet corn with ears still attached.  And weeds.  Tall, seed head filled nasty-grass that hid amongst the other *good* plants.  Leftovers, leftovers everywhere.

The sweet corn stalks with ears were moved with the front bucket on the tractor, over inside the fence of the chicken pen.  The hens will get some good nutrition out of that.  The other stuff was piled in the middle of the garden and lit on fire.  Big Fire. Big, BIG fire.  And while that was burning we pulled the dried out asparagus tops, and other hedgerow weeds and added them to the mix.  Of course we raked all of the area and burned that too.

But what made it the Bestest…

The leftover burning gave us the desire for more burning, so we got some kindling and went to the fire ring and started a wood fire.  Junior defrosted some venison backstraps and seasoned them, and when the fire ring had a good bed of coals he grilled them to perfection.  Those Fillet Mignon’ de Venison in conjunction with a cold beer, eaten under a full moon (The Supermoon) was the perfect end to the Winter season.  Perfect.

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