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Potatoes-check. Peas-check.

March 19, 2011

Russet potato with sprouts. Sliced (left) and ...

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More Potatoes- check, check.

Greetings dear reader.  As I type today I have dirt falling out from under my nails. My hands are covered in dirt. My lower back hurts a little.  And I am one Happy Guy.

The raised bed right next to the winter wheat raised bed has two rows of potatoes planted in it.  The raised bed right next to that has three rows of peas planted in it.  And in the garden “Out Back” there are two more rows of potatoes planted back there.  Which reminds me that I still must pound in the marker stakes for the second of those, before I forget where they are.  (writing on list)

With the raised bed I did a lot of shovel work.  Turning the soil, including the cow manure that was dumped on top.  Then a quick trip over the bed with the hoe to reduce the clod size somewhat.  And then a trip over the entire bed with the garden rake, to smooth it, level it and make it pretty.  Of course, any weeds that were encountered were removed.

Then, what comes in the Mail?

Another order of seeds came in the mail today.  It is the “Half Price Vegetable Garden” from Farmer’s Seed Company. So there will be more seed sowing into the flats.  Tomorrow.  And replanting of the seedlings that have outgrown the flat’s little cubicles.

Oh, this is a great season, AND IT IS STILL WINTER!  I hope you too have got that dirt under the fingernail feeling of satisfaction.  If not, what are you waiting for?

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