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3 Minutes Short

March 16, 2011

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11 Hours & 57 Minutes of Daylight

Yep, dear reader, that is what Weather *dot* Com says about Bippus, Indiana in today’s weather report.  We will be only 3 minutes short of equal amounts of light and dark.  “So what?”  I can hear the naysayers saying.  Well equal amounts of light and dark to me means the end of winter.  And with tomorrow being Green Beer Day, umm, St. Patrick’s Day, it is time to get out the shovel and hoe and move some dirt.

Raised Beds– Big Advantage Right Now

Yesterday we had a long bout of rain, it was raining off and on for most of the day.  The ground is saturated.  There are zero tractors running in the fields because if there were, they would be stuck out in the fields.  But for those of us that prepared raised beds, well, we might just oughta be able to turn some ground today, because the raised beds just flat out drain better.  So the itinerary here is to prepare the soil today, so that potatoes and peas can be planted tomorrow.  And won’t that feel good, you know that dirt under the fingernails feeling?

Girls in the Chicken Pen Cooperating

The girls have noticed the additional daylight and yesterday raised production of eggs, yet again.  So we have reached a new high for calendar year 2011 in egg count.  The still-as-unnamed-cockerel (hint, hint) is still hen pecked, but getting along better with the gals.  He does, however, have a strong appreciation for visits from other males (me, for instance) and loves his male bonding time.  We will see how long that lasts.

We sure are looking forward to the change of seasons on Sunday.  It will be nice to put the winter season behind us.

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