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Death. Death. And More Death.

March 14, 2011

Death for order

Time flies. Remember DEATH.

Just when one thinks they are *out of the woods* with their problems, another problem sails in.  Or maybe it is a blessing in disguise.(?)  With the earthquake in Japan, followed by the Tsunamis, and then a stinkin Volcano erupting, I am sure that we are all tired of stories about death.

So we should pray for those affected in Japan.  We should be thankful for our better circumstances, and ask for the affected to get proper help.  Perhaps even provide help in the form of charity.

Dear Neighbor says Chicken Eating Dog won’t be back

After talking with the chicken-eating dog’s owner, he promised to keep the dog from coming over here.  All of that difficult conversation turned out well- that conversation was surely one I didn’t want to have, especially since Wifey’s dog was caught (two years ago) over at the neighbor’s with one of their turkeys in his mouth, the turkey being mortally wounded.

We remedied that situation with the installation of an invisible fence.  And that is the long term plan of our neighbor.  The realization that the actual killer of the chickens could be a raccoon, skunk, owl or hawk; or even some other predator, that was run off and left his intended dinner behind, has come to my mind.   We just don’t know. And now we won’t have the deterrent of the neighbor’s dog patrolling.

So, just when I was feeling the passing of the realm of death, I head out to give a snack carrot to the bunnies, and there in nest box number one is a dead baby bunny.  Apparently, he left the warmth of the bundle of other little bunnies, and did not find his way back.  I suspect he died of hypothermia.

And the Take-Away from All This IS:

Time Flies; our time here on earth really is limited and finite.  We really need to get our things in order so that if we, like the 3 dead chickens, or the dead bunny, or the ten thousand in Japan are gone tomorrow, that our survivors (our friends and loved ones) are as squared-away as we can make them.

And *ditto* for our immortal souls.  So live it up, make it a great day.  Help others.  But remember death.  Time flies.


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