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Individual Special Interests

March 11, 2011

Or, Interests of Special Individuals?

You are special, dear reader.  You are special, in that you are the ultimate minority.  A special interest group of one.  So am I.

As the leader of your special interest group, you must look out for the best interest of your group.  No one else will do that for you.  Nope, no one.  But we have been conditioned to corral our power, to harness the *power of the group*.  Back in the early years of the twentieth (20th) century, workers gathered into groups that they called unions to enhance their bargaining power against mean old profit crazed industrialists like Henry Ford, for example.  (Henry Ford is a horrible example, but one I am especially fond of.)  Anyway, the men that controlled the assets of corporations, entrepreneurs and capitalists, pursued their dreams in a fashion that disrespected the workers.  The unions developed in response.

Now, almost 100 years later…

Now we have unions that represent people that work for the stinkin government. And one struggles to find examples of where the stinkin government has exploited its employees.  (Help me here if you know of examples.)  But some of my friends and relatives, especially some on FaceBook, are describing the events in Wisconsin as the elite 2% slaveholders versus the 98% of slaves down here on the plantation.  Now I will confess, some folks have described me as an old rock-head, but all I can see is a battle over wages between one group of special interests against another group of stinkin elected tax feeders. What is especially weird is that the elected tax feeders are trying to reduce the burden of taxes on *We, the People* (more accurately, the people of Wisconsin, but I digress)…

So, as I think about this struggle going on in Wisconsin, I rather much toss my hat, my individual special interest,  minority of one, hat, into the ring on the side of lower taxes.  Call me a TEA Party sympathizer.  But with all the

protesting going on, and calls for impeachment, and DEATH THREATS I just cannot get over the concept that the majority of the people of Wisconsin,  and perhaps the majority of the people of all the states, are ready to have some tax relief.  And if the special interests of the union of stinkin government employees is forced to tighten their belts, well, so be it.


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