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Interesting Teacher Video

March 10, 2011

No Friend of Public School Teacher’s Unions Here

A friend of mine in southwest Michigan sent this video to me.  I found it ah, enlightening.

As a prisoner in the government public school system, I learned about collective bargaining by teachers unions, from the battle lines.  In ninth grade the school board in our district fired all the striking teachers.  Then they hired replacement teachers.  This did not go over well with the thugs, um, I mean fired ex-teachers.  Students in school buses and replacement teachers had to cross the *picket line* twice a day, where we were treated to displays of antics of people who were previously held in high regard, acting like uncivilized beasts.  I recall seeing a favorite math teacher *tap dance* across the hood of a replacement teacher, causing visible damage to the vehicle.

Not to put too fine a point on this experience, but I have never recovered from this shock.  The lesson learned:  Collective bargaining is the exclusive bargaining for the collective (the union), and that does NOT include students, parents or the tax-paying public, UNLESS they pay union dues.

The video above, cuts to the heart of many of the *arguments* presented by the collectivists.

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