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Baby Rabbit Photos

March 10, 2011

The Baby Rabbits- Out of Hiding

Well it has taken a while, but the little bunnies are starting to come out of hiding in their nest boxes.  The nest boxes are lined with a layer of wood chips and a layer of straw.  Momma bunny then continues to fill the box with fur that she pulls from her own body.  She does this to provide a warm and cozy place for her litter to rest, cuddle and get fed.  And as they grow, the little ones start to venture out.

Three White Rabbit Does, the babies hidden

The babies are hidden, but not completely.  If you look closely, to the left of the second doe back, you can catch a glimpse of one of the precocious babies.  No, not the golf ball- that is a bunny toy, that the momma used to play with, before things got all serious in her pen.

The bunny waaay in the back is hopping back into her nest box.  She may be ready to feed her litter.  It is interesting to watch how *gently* she can get in and out of her nest.

2 Precocious Bunnies, just outside the nest box

I recognize that these are not the highest quality photos – being shot through the wire mesh.  But as the little ones are so young, about 11 days old, it is important to keep intrusions, interruptions and especially loud noises out of their environment.  The photo above shows two little baby bunnies, and a glimpse into their nest box, through the curved cut out “doorway”.   In the foreground is a mineral disk that has been knocked out of its hanger.

Silhouette- 11 day old bunnies

You kind of have to squint your way through the wire mesh, and there is a really good image of a rubber water bowl.  Then back there in the dark are the silhouettes of two little bun-buns.  They are even starting to look like bunnies, well, a lot more than the little mouse-like creatures they were just days ago.  And their eyes are open, too!

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