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Rooster Name Needed

March 9, 2011

Well, Assuming he Lives, He Will be a Rooster

Greetings, dear reader.  I have told you the sad story about the demise of “Chick-Duck”, the Barred Rock Rooster that was hatched by a momma duck,  raised with ducks, hung out with ducks, went swimming with ducks (only ONE time) and nearly died of hypothermia from that swim.  Gone.  Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday. Gone and missed.

And I told you we acquired a Barred Rock cockerel, which is a fancy term for a male chicken that is less than one year old.  And our cockerel has no name.

Barred Rock cockerel-getting a snack

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see how his rump hackles are a marvelous set of black bars with a greenish sheen.  And his tail feathers are just starting to elongate, compared to what the hens have.

Bushy-tailed Barred Rock cockerel

Some people refer to Barred Rocks as “Plymouth Rocks”.  This poor guy is as friendly as can be, or maybe just a bit hungrier than everyone else in the chicken pen, as he just comes right up to you.  And he loves his shell corn.  Being a newcomer, and a little bit smaller than the hens of the flock, they *keep him in his place*, so to speak, by pecking at him, and running him off the choice feed.  For now.

But, Girls, Payback is a baoitch.

As long as we can keep the predators away, this guy will grow to a size and weight that will dwarf the hens.  And possess mucho testeronio.  Testerone levels usually peak with the longest of days, in June or July.  And hopefully, our friendly little cockerel will be up to the task of breeding by that time.  We do, after all, want to sustain our little egg laying flock, which will require a proven high testosterone male, and a broody female to set on the clutch of eggs in the nesting box. (fingers crossed).  The chicken mating ritual is something of a spectacle, with no formalities, and brute force exhibited.  So the hens should enjoy this period where our little cockerel is afraid of them.

Handsome cockerel, in front of moulting Rhode Island Red Hen

Notice in the photo above that the hen in the background has very few feathers on her rump.  She is in the process of moulting, which means replacing her feathers.  It also means she will not be laying eggs, during her moult, as all energy goes into growing new feathers.

The Point is, Cockerel needs a Name

So if you, dear reader, are looking over these photos and some good association of name and animal comes to you, I sure hope you will share that revelation in the comments section.  Sometimes, a great name (like Chick-Duck, sob) just springs forth.  But, so far at least, there has been nothing here.  Nothin.  So here is one more view of our new addition:

Coming in for the corn

BTW, that is a Black Giant hen in the photo above, and the Black Giants have been really the roughest on the new guy, they just don’t appreciate his being so *cozy*  with the boss, and coming right up to me to get the shell corn.  In the photo above, just as I took the shot, he moved in, and his head disappeared from the frame.  And then that Black Giant pecked him on his ass er, um rump.

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  1. March 9, 2011 9:21 pm

    Hi! I wanted to share my Stylish Blog Award with you so I linked to your blog. Please come by whenever you have a chance and pick it up.

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