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March 5, 2011


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Or Imaging, While Stuck Indoors

It is another steely gray day in Bippus.  The rain continues to oversaturate – is that a word?- create puddles in the fields.  That gardener’s itch is upon me, I desire dirt under my fingernails, but it ain’t gonna happen today.  I am left with the ability to imagine.

Thinking Way Outside the Box

So I have sketches of how I intend to plant my vegetable and fruit gardens.  But I have been wandering around the internet, and gathering even more ideas.  One is French Intensive Gardening (Google that up) where deep cuts between raised beds and minimal tilling allow the ground to gather nutrients year round.  Imagine a raised bed that routinely increases its own quality.  Double-Digging is the hard part of this plan, and as much as I love shovel work, double digging sounds like a task for, umm, others; like teen-agers.  Using massive amounts of old newspapers, NO – NOT THE COLORED ONES, only the black and white pages, to cover the earth in your walkways, keep the light out, and starve the weeds, well, that seems appealing, too.

And, What about Blueberries?

Do any of my dear readers love to eat blueberries?  Oh, man I do. Holy cow, they are just made for delighting your taste buds.  Last time I looked, though, they were 4 bucks for a little, flat transparent carton that would barely measure out as a pint.  Somewhere, I would think that everybody has a few feet, maybe along a fence, where they could cultivate a blueberry patch.  Maybe a great big long blueberry patch.  Imagine a whole fencerow, hunnerts of feet long, the fence shielded from view from all those thick rich blueberry bushes, rising four feet tall, and jam packed with delicious, plump blue berries.

Organic, fresh blueberries.  Birds, falling off the fence drunk from eating too many blueberries. So many blueberries that you box some up, and mail them to your old Uncle Milton, out in the GBA, because you are so happy that you spent a dreary March morning imagining what it would be like to grow your own superfruit, and then you took action and planted some.

And you can’t use the word *Imagine* in the title of a blog post, without…

And you can’t, especially if you are an old dude that lived through all of the 1960’s, you can’t use the word *Imagine* in a blog post, without mentioning John Lennon of the Beatles.  So here I go…John Lennon of the Beatles.  I heard somewhere that John and the rest of the Beatles ate a lot of blueberries.

And they planned a lot of music.  So, therefore, you should imagine how your garden plan will look, possibly with deeper cuts between the raised beds, with newspaper covered paths, with a blueberry patch along the north boundary, with whatever it is that your day time imagining skills pull into consciousness. If you are trapped indoors today, turn off that BOOB TUBE, take a seat by your *best view window* bring your garden layout diagram, and endeavor to dream the big dream.  Let your imagination run wild.  Take a leap of faith.  Try something that you have never tried before.

Most of all, make it a great day!

Post Script-  What a talented musician John Lennon was, but what a schmuck!!! While I think the music in the video above is conducive to allowing your imagination to run wild, never,never, never would I suggest that you imagine that there is no Heaven- like Mr. Lennon suggests in the first  line of that song. OF COURSE, there is a Heaven, and we, as good stewards of the resources on earth, try to create a little slice of Heaven, here on earth. PEACE!



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