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Musing about Time

March 3, 2011

On the Way to Work

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

Feeling the Greater Amount of Sunlight

Top of the day, dear reader!  We have been seeing a lot more of Mister Sun in the Greater Bippus Area.  And more sun is more better, if you ask me.  The wind has been strong, but if one can find a place out of the wind, and yet still be in the sun, it is just plain good.

The chickens have noticed the increase in the amount and duration of light, too.  They have increased their egg production.  We kept them outside the barn this winter, and they seemed to do better.  On sunny days they would get out and find those spots I described above, out of the wind and in the sun, and I learned from their body language, it was good.

Overheard at the Breakfast Table

Princess #1:  It is starting to get light outside.  Are we late leaving for school?

Junior (the middle, forgotten child): No we are right on schedule.  But it seems like since we will be driving to school in the light, that the government ought to be requiring us to change our clocks.  When is it we jump to Daylight Savings Time?

Calendar Says:

Sunday, March 13, 2011 is the day the government mandates that we change the clocks.  Not so long ago, in *The Indian Territory* (now known as Indiana) we didn’t used to change our clocks.  All around us everybody else used to.  But not us.  And this old fart LIKED IT THAT WAY.  No confusion, no arguing about when the sun would rise, no showing up  late (or early) for church or a date with the migrating waterfowl.





Oops, sorry, I almost went off on a rant against the government helping us …  The whole point is that the days are getting longer, people have noticed, chickens have noticed, we in Bippus are thankful for the changing of the seasons.

Welcome Sunshine!

p.s.- I found this quote from the “Time Stops” link below *enlightening*…

“The report published by Russian Academy of Medical Sciences revealed that when the clocks are changed, the number of heart attacks increases by 1.5 times, the rate of suicides grows by 66 per cent, and many more people call the ambulance service.”

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